Medex Analytic Services

Medex Analytic Services is the preeminent provider of Independent Medical Examinations, Peer Reviews, Radiology Reviews, and Medicare Set Asides for medical and legal comprehensive analysis of automotive, bodily injury, workers compensation, and liability claims. Our nationwide service assists our clients in managing and analyzing their medical claims.

Our clients consist of insurance carriers, self-insured entities, municipalities, attorneys, third-party administrators and more. Our partners can expect the highest level of medical expertise, responsiveness, quality, and professionalism structured within the strict compliance requirements of the regulatory environment in which they operate.


Medex provides elite services with a management team that possesses over 70 years of experience in all areas of medical management and claim administration. Our board certified panel of physicians represent the leaders within their vast specialties. The panel is constantly monitored to ensure that our team of physicians maintain the highest level of expertise and integrity. Medex is dedicated to providing a level of service and knowledge that exceeds industry expectations and standards. We are client oriented, accurate in quality assurance, and provide our clients with industry changing technology. Medex’s core goal is to develop a partnership with our clients which allows us to become a resource of knowledge. We will accomplish this by committing to a policy of ongoing training and continual education.

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